Getting Started

Experience native iOS and Android mobile apps in your browser with Appetize - no downloads, plugins, or extra permissions required!

Appetize is a cloud-based platform that allows developers and organizations to run and test their mobile apps on a virtual mobile device directly from their web browser.

Our platform is versatile and user-friendly, making it a popular choice for a wide range of scenarios, including:

and much more!

Ready to experience Appetize for yourself? You can get started in just a few clicks by uploading your own app or trying out our online demo.

Upload your first App

The first thing to do at Appetize is upload your app. Follow our steps at:

Uploading Apps

Run/Embed your App

Once you have your app uploaded, you can follow our steps at

Running Apps


Embedding Apps

to view your application in action.

Customize your experience

Now that your app is up and running on Appetize, it's time to take control of your app experience. Check out all our features and customization options:

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