Session Inactivity Timeout

With Appetize's session inactivity timeout, users can manage how long their device's session stays active, before being freed up for reuse.

By default, your Appetize session will end after 2 minutes of inactivity. You can modify the default app timeout, or specify a timeout for a specific app by following the steps below:

Default App Timeout

Navigate to your Account Dashboard -> Default app settings -> Default inactivity timeout

App Specific Timeout

Navigate to your App Dashboard -> Manage (under your preferred app) -> Session timeout

You can also set/update the inactivity timeout of your app with our REST API when uploading your app.

What's the behavior if you reach your concurrency limit?

When a user launches Appetize and the maximum concurrency limit has been reached, they will be placed in a virtual 'queue' and wait until additional capacity becomes available:

As soon as a device becomes available, the queued users will be granted access, allowing them to continue as usual.

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