Take control of your network traffic with Appetize's advanced proxy support. Effortlessly reroute your traffic for better access control, privacy, and security.

Our current support is limited to HTTP Proxies. When your app makes HTTPS connections, the data remains encrypted despite the unencrypted connection to the proxy. The app sends a CONNECT request to the proxy for the destination HTTPS server, initiating an SSL handshake. The proxy acts as a TCP connection forwarder, ensuring end-to-end encryption for app data.

App Level Proxy

Appetize supports settings a proxy server on a per-app basis.

App-Level proxy settings will override the Account default proxy. if you always want the Account-level proxy to be used, use forced proxy instead.

To allow Appetize to proxy all the network events, you need to specify a proxy server to route network traffic to:

With Query Parameter

Add the proxy query parameter to your app or embed URL with your URL encoded proxy server's address (e.g. value.


See Query Params Reference for more information.

With JavaScript SDK

Set proxy to in the configuration e.g.

await client.config({
    proxy: "",

See Configuration for more information.

Account Level Proxy

Account Level Proxy is only available on our Premium and Enterprise plans. Contact us to learn more.

You may also set account-wide proxy settings on your Account.

Default Proxy

By setting a default proxy, the proxy will be used when no other proxy is specified.

Forced Proxy

By setting a forced proxy, the proxy will be used regardless of other proxy settings.

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