Custom Branding

Create a seamless brand experience with Appetize's Custom Branding. Add a personalized touch to app links with a custom domain, loading animations, Pre-Launch and Post-Session Graphics and more!
Custom Branding is only available on our Premium and Enterprise plans. Contact us to learn more.
Appetize offers a fully White Label solution. This includes:

Custom Domain

Example Custom Domain
If you have a custom domain, the app links you share and embed will display your domain name instead of For example, if your domain is, that's how the app and embed links will appear.
To enable this feature, you'll need to set up a CNAME record that points your desired domain or subdomain to
Once setup, please contact us to finish the configuration.
Appetize uses industry standard Let's Encrypt for SSL/TLS configuration of your domain.

Pre-Launch & Post-Session Graphics

From your Appetize Dashboard, select manage under one of your uploaded apps.
Select "Manage" under your app
From there, you will see options to customize the Pre-Launch and Post-Session Graphics.
Example Pre-Launch Styling
Example Post-Session Styling

Custom Loading Animations

Appetize supports personalized loading animations. To enable this, you can provide a link to a hosted responsive webpage that we'll embed as an iFrame during the loading process.
Sample Loading Animation on CodePen from Martin van Driel
We have hosted this simple webpage here. A page like this can be specified as your custom loading animation, and may contain any of your branding you would like.
Once setup, please contact us to finish the configuration.