Enterprise Hosting Options

Discover the different Appetize Enterprise Hosting Options: Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Self-Hosting (Including AWS)

Appetize offers multiple hosting options to cater to all the different needs and preferences of our Enterprise clients. Whether you're looking for the scalability of our Public Cloud, the enhanced privacy and security of a Private Cloud, or considering self-hosting, understanding the differences between these options is important for making an informed decision.

Public Cloud

The Public Cloud option uses Appetize's shared cloud environment, offering a flexible and affordable way to manage iOS and Android devices. It's perfect for enterprises that need to quickly deploy and scale their mobile management solutions using our default customization options.

Private Cloud

The Private Cloud option gives you a dedicated instance managed by Appetize on separate hardware, offering enhanced privacy and security. This solution allows for extensive customization, including custom device images and networking configurations. It's ideal for organizations that need higher security and want to tailor the environment to their specific needs.


Self-Hosting lets enterprises manage their infrastructure using their own on-premises hardware or cloud services like AWS. This option is particularly appealing for organizations with very strict security requirements. While it offers the same level of customization as the Private Cloud, self-hosting involves significant management and setup costs. Enterprises must handle deployment, maintenance, security updates, and scaling themselves, leading to bigger overhead.

Our team is currently working on providing an on-demand AWS solution, complete with an AMI image. To learn more about this, please contact us.


Public CloudPrivate CloudSelf Hosted


Shared cloud

Dedicated instance

On-premises or AWS


ISO 27001 & SOC2 Type II

Physically segregated hardware

Client defined


Default configurations

Extensive, including custom device images

Extensive, including custom device images


Managed by Appetize

Managed by Appetize

Self-managed; enterprises responsible for deployment, maintenance, updates, and scaling.

Ideal for

Rapid deployment and scalability with default customizations

Higher security levels and tailored customization needs.

Very strict security requirements and complete control over infrastructure, despite higher management and setup costs.

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