Embedding Apps

Enhance your user experience by embedding Appetize virtual devices into your own website or product using Appetize's embedding functionality.
Many customers embed the Appetize virtual devices into their own websites and products. You may use an iFrame to embed your app into any HTML.
Our embed links support all our Query Parameters to allow you to fully customize your experience.
The easiest way to find your embed link is by going to your Apps page and selecting embed under the app you want to embed on your website.
Select "embed" under your app
You can also simply replace app with embed in the your app's app link (see Running Apps) e.g.{publicKey}
will become{publicKey}
You can customize and test out all the Query Parameters on your App Page before switching out the app link with an embed link.

Sample Usage

After obtaining the embed link, you can easily embed the content into your website by creating an iFrame: