Custom branding

White labeled solution
With our Premium and Enterprise plans, offers a fully white label solution. This includes:
  • Custom domain
  • Removal of all branding
  • Pre-launch & post-session graphics
  • Custom loading animations
  • Custom device chrome

Custom domain

With a custom domain, the app links you share and embed will appear as your domain name, eg. rather than To enable, please set up a CNAME record for your desired domain or subdomain pointing to
Once setup, please contact us to finish the configuration. uses industry standard Let's Encrypt for SSL/TLS configuration of your domain.

Pre-launch & post-session graphics

From your Dashboard, please click the "manage" link for one of your uploaded apps. From there, you will see options to customize the pre-launch and post-session graphics.

Custom loading animations

To support custom loading animations, you may provide a link to a hosted responsive webpage which we will embed as an iFrame during the loading process.
For example, we found a sample loading animation at We have hosted this simple webpage at A page like this can be specified as your custom loading animation, and may contain any of your branding you would like.