Reserved devices

Instant loading time for your commonly used apps
With reserved devices, will pre-install your specified apps onto a set of virtual devices. These devices are set aside for solely your use.
When an incoming session is requested for your app, the session can be served from one of these reserved devices, and loads nearly instantaneously for you user. The user does not need to wait for the download and installation of your app, or in rare cases needing to switch the device if the requested device is unavailable. Loading time is extremely fast.
Reserved devices are offered for our Premium and Enterprise customers. When requesting reserved devices, please share the specific app link you would like reserved. The app link will include the publicKey for the app, as well as the specific device type and operating system version.
For example, our iOS demo app is reserved on iPhone 8 running iOS 13, but not on the iPhone 5s running iOS 11.4.
Reserved (faster in most cases) -
Not-reserved (slower in most cases) -