Note: Every SSO provider is a little bit different. Please contact us with any questions!

Configure app settings

Please ensure that the user's email address is sent as the username in the SAML response.
Please create group assignments for appetize_developer and appetize_admin, and assign to users appropriately. All users who have access to the SAML app, with no group assignments, will default to appetize_user role. Please ensure these group assignments are passed in the SAML response.
SP Entity Id (audience id)
Assertion Consumer Service URL (ACS)
TBD - provided by
Recipient URL
N/A - leave blank
Destination URL
N/A - leave blank

Information to provide to

  • entryPoint
  • issuer
  • x509 cert used to sign SAML responses
  • authnContext (if applicable)
  • signature algorithm (default SHA256)
  • which identify provider are you using? (ADFS, OKTA, etc)
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