Uploading apps
You may upload apps directly via your web browser at https://appetize.io/upload, or you may upload programmatically via our API.
We also have many 3rd party integrations with tools such as fastlane, Bitrise, and Expo.
For iOS, upload a .zip or .tar.gz file containing your compressed .app bundle.
Your .app bundle must represent a iOS Simulator build of your app. A simulator build can be run in the iOS Simulator via Xcode. This is different than a IPA file, which is compiled for ARM architecture CPUs and can only be run on physical iOS devices.
One way to get the iOS Simulator build is to run your app in an iOS Simulator, and then to find the file that is automatically generated. After running in the iOS Simulator via Xcode, look in:
You may also generate the iOS Simulator build of your app by building it directly via the command line using xcodebuild.
If you have a .xcodeproj file, you may run:
xcodebuild -sdk iphonesimulator
If you have a .xcworkspace file, you may run:
xcodebuild -sdk iphonesimulator -workspace <your_workspace_name>.xcworkspace/ -scheme <your-scheme> -configuration Debug.
In order to get the name of your Scheme, you may run:
xcodebuild -list -workspace <your_workspace_name>.xcworkspace
Once the build command completes successfully, you may then zip the .app bundle found in:
If you are having trouble running your uploaded iOS app in Appetize.io, please find our troubleshooting steps at https://support.appetize.io/error-installing-or-running-app-on-ios.
If you are using Xamarin to develop your apps, please see our specific instructions at https://support.appetize.io/can-i-upload-xamarin-apps-to-appetize.io.

Note about Xcode 12 and iOS 14

When building via the command line with Xcode 12, some users are encountering an issue with Apple's new arm64 architecture support in simulator builds. You may find the following troubleshooting steps useful:
For Android, upload the .apk containing your app.
After your app is built, either via Android Studio or by running the command ./gradlew assembleDebug in your project directory, look in:
If you are having trouble running your uploaded Android app in Appetize.io, we recommend trying to run the same APK on the standard Google-provided Android emulator locally over ADB.
Once your emulator is launched and available via adb devices, you can install it using a command like:
adb install -r example.apk
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