Getting Started

Getting Started with Appetize AppRecorder and Playwright

You can follow along with the installation steps below to start a new project, or you can clone the example project here.


Get started by installing Playwright with Appetize using npm:

npm init @appetize/playwright@latest

Run the install command and select the following to get started:

  • Your Appetize App's

  • The preferred default device

What's Installed

  • A Playwright project will be created (see Playwright documentation).

  • The @appetize/playwright npm package will be installed.

  • The playwright.config.ts file will be configured for Appetize with the specified values for the default device and app.

See Test Configuration for more advanced configurations.

  • An example test file, app.spec.ts, will be added.


Update the app.spec.ts file in your tests folder to include a test relevant to your application

import { test, expect } from '@appetize/playwright'

test('example test', async ({ session }) => {
    await expect(session).toHaveElement({
         attributes: {
          // replace with the text of an element that appears on your app
            text: 'Hello world' 

Once you've updated the test file for your app, run the test with:

npx playwright test --headed

# or, headlessly

npx playwright test

Next Steps

Writing TestsTest Configuration

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