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Listing Apps

Organize your apps effortlessly with Appetize's App Dashboard and Groups, enabling seamless app management and access.
For our Enterprise customers we also provide Custom Launch Pages. They can provide a simple bookmark-friendly page for your teams, only showing the applications they are interested in.

Single Applications

With App Dashboard

The App Dashboard on Appetize provides you with an overview of all your uploaded apps.
App Dashboard
From there, you can:
  • Search by application name.
  • Filter your applications by Device Type (Android or iOS) and by enabled/disabled applications.
  • Add notes to an application for easy identification and organization
  • Navigate to the Manage page for a specific application, where you can edit settings such as permissions and upload newer builds.
  • Launch and debug your preferred application.
  • Delete applications that you no longer need.

With Rest API

Appetize also supports retrieving a list of your uploaded apps (or a single app by publicKey) by making use of our REST API:
Each uploaded app has a uniquely assigned publicKey, and looks like this:
and can also be seen on the App Dashboard.

Grouped Applications

Appetize also supports grouping multiple applications that you would like to install simultaneously on the same device.
Simultaneous installation of applications with the same bundle ID or package name is not possible due to conflict in identifiers.
You can view all your App Groups on the App Group Dashboard.

Creating a new group

To create a new group, select the Add new group button
Add new group Action
A new group will be created with no applications attached
New Group

Add/Remove Applications

To add applications to the group, select the add group action and add all the publicKeys for the applications that you want to add to this group
Each uploaded app has a uniquely assigned publicKey, and looks like this:
and can also be seen on the App Dashboard.
Add a group by publicKey
Once you have added all the applications to the group, you can use the group in the same way that you would have used the individual applications (e.g. view, embed etc.).
Example App Group
You can also remove individual applications from the group that you no longer want to include by selecting the remove action next to the application under the group.