To get started, Appetize requires a .zip or .tar.gz file containing your compressed .app bundle.
Appetize currently only supports iOS Simulator builds (.app). A simulator build can be run in the iOS Simulator with Xcode. AppStore distribution device builds (.ipa) are not currently supported.

Finding your .app file

With Xcode

The easiest way to get the iOS Simulator build is to run and build your application in Xcode while targeting an iOS Simulator
Build and run your application from Xcode while targeting a simulator
Once the build is complete and the app is running in the simulator, you can locate the .app file by navigating to Product -> Show Build Folder in Finder -> Products/Debug-iphonesimulator
Show build folder in Xcode

With Xcode Command Line Tools

You can also generate the iOS Simulator build of your app by building it directly via the command line using xcodebuild.

With .xcodeproj

xcodebuild -project '{project_name}.xcodeproj' \
-scheme '{scheme_name}' \
-sdk iphonesimulator \
-configuration Debug

With .xcworkspace

xcodebuild -workspace '{your_workspace_name}.xcworkspace' \
-scheme '{scheme_name}' \
-sdk iphonesimulator \
-configuration Debug
The app file can then be found under

Compress your .app file

Once you have located your .app file, Appetize requires it to be in a compressed zip or tar.gz file e.g.
zip -r {app name}.zip {app name}.app


If you are having trouble running your uploaded iOS app in Appetize, we recommend trying to run the same app on an simulator provided by Apple in Xcode.
Once your simulator is launched, you can simply drag over the app into the simulator window.
Also check our Knowledge Base for frequently asked questions and solutions.