Seamlessly integrate Appetize into your CI/CD pipeline by making use of our REST API.

Getting Started

If you are using an Enterprise Private Instance of Appetize, please replace all API calls from api.appetize.io to your custom domain, e.g. custom.appetize.io.

  1. Get Your API Token All users with admin or developer roles may request an API token after logging in and navigating to your Account Dashboard.

  2. Use Basic Authentication: When sending requests to the Appetize REST API that requires authentication, use Basic Authentication.

  3. Encode your token + ":" using Base64 encoding.

  4. Attach Token to Requests In your HTTP headers, include an Authorization header with the value "Basic" followed by the encoded token.

See our Sample Code for an example on how to get started.

HTTP Requests

All HTTP POST Requests must use JSON.

HTTP Responses

All HTTP Responses will be in JSON.

Status codeDetails


OK - Everything worked as expected.


Bad Request - Often missing a required parameter.


Unauthorized - No valid API token provided.


Not Found - No app found for publicKey specified.

500, 502, 503, 504

Server error - something went wrong on our server.

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